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Map Links

András Bereznay is an Historical Cartographic Consultant who has contributed significantly to the maps of the 20th Century and made a number of other helpful suggestions. Visit his web site at www.historyonmaps.com.

Elwin De Vries has used some of our maps to construct an online interactive historical atlas. Visit his web site at www.sabed.net

Thomas Lessman has created Talessman's Atlas of World History! Visit his web site at www.worldhistorymaps.info.

Our maps have been adapted to make an interactive Time-Map which is designed to accompany a WGBH Public TV series. See the examples at: Commanding Heights.

Worldhistory.com's mission is to bring history to life for everyone on the planet. They believe history can come to life for you when you learn about how your parents, grandparents, and ancestors fit into history. Your own family may have left records that can add to the story of the world. History also comes to life when you read firsthand accounts from yewitnesses who experienced history as it happened -- those who fought in great battles, experienced political events, watched governments rise and fall, started great companies, or invented new machines. Much of what they do at Worldhistory.com is gather up the historical records and organize them into topical timelines that are easy to search or browse.