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Map Examples

The first example shows how a series of maps have been adapted to make an interactive Time-Map which is designed to accompany a TV series. See the examples at: WGBH Commanding Heights.

The next example shows one way these historical maps can be used in a Family History web site. In this case they are used at the beginning of each generation in a family page to show how the world was at that time. See the examples at: Nelson Family.

The next example shows another way to use the historical maps for genealogy. In this case they show an immigration route. The route has been added to the basic map of the world in the year of the immigration. See the example at: Hockert Immigration.

The next example shows historical maps used in an research paper that has been put on the Internet. The original maps have been cropped and have text added to illustrate some of the chapters. See the examples at: The Siege of Herat.

If you have ordered our historical maps and are using them in your web site, please send us a link to your page.