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Countries and Peoples

Canada Dominion 1870-1982
Alberta, Canada Province 1905-Present
British Columbia, Canada Province 1871-Present
Manitoba, Canada Province 1912-Present
New Brunswick, Canada Province 1867-Present
Nova Scotia, Canada Province 1867-Present
Ontario, Canada Province 1912-Present
Prince Edward Island, Canada Province 1873-Present
Quebec, Canada Province 1912-Present
Saskatchewan, Canada Province 1905-Present
Northwest Territories, Canada Territory 1905-1999
Yukon, Canada Territory 1898-Present
Franklin, Canada District 1895-1979
Keewatin, Canada District 1912-1979
Mackenzie, Canada District 1895-1979

United States Federal Republic 1848-Present
Alabama, USA State 1868-Present
Arizona, USA State 1912-Present
Arkansas, USA State 1868-Present
California, USA State 1850-Present
Canalzone, USA Occupied 1903-1979
Colorado, USA State 1876-Present
Connecticut, USA State 1788-Present
Delaware, USA State 1787-Present
Florida, USA State 1868-Present
Georgia, USA State 1870-Present
Idaho, USA State 1890-Present
Illinois, USA State 1818-Present
Indiana, USA State 1816-Present
Iowa, USA State 1846-Present
Kansas, USA State 1861-Present
Kentucky, USA State 1792-Present
Louisiana, USA State 1868-Present
Maine, USA State 1820-Present
Maryland, USA State 1800-Present
Massachusetts, USA State 1788-Present
Michigan, USA State 1837-Present
Minnesota, USA State 1858-Present
Mississippi, USA State 1870-Present
Missouri, USA State 1821-Present
Montana, USA State 1889-Present
Nebraska, USA State 1867-Present
Nevada, USA State 1864-Present
New Hampshire, USA State 1788-Present
New Jersey, USA State 1787-Present
New Mexico, USA State 1912-Present
New York, USA State 1788-Present
North Carolina, USA State 1868-Present
North Dakota, USA State 1889-Present
Ohio, USA State 1803-Present
Oklahoma, USA State 1905-Present
Oregon, USA State 1859-Present
Pennsylvania, USA State 1787-Present
Rhode Island, USA State 1790-Present
South Carolina, USA State 1868-Present
South Dakota, USA State 1889-Present
Tennessee, USA State 1866-Present
Texas, USA State 1870-Present
Utah, USA State 1896-Present
Vermont, USA State 1791-Present
Virginia, USA State 1870-Present
Washington, USA State 1889-Present
West Virginia, USA State 1863-Present
Wisconsin, USA State 1848-Present
Wyoming, USA State 1890-Present
Alaska, USA Territory 1912-1959
District Of Columbia, USA 1800-Present
Puerto Rico, USA 1901-1952
Virgin Islands, USA 1917-Present
Coeur D'alene Reservation, USA 1867-Present
Fort Apache Reservation, USA 1872-Present
Hopi Reservation, USA 1882-1962
Navajo Reservation, USA 1868-Present
Papago Reservation, USA 1874-Present
Red Lake Reservation, USA 1889-Present
San Carlos Reservation, USA 1872-Present
Walapai Reservation, USA 1883-Present

Mexico Federal Republic 1917-Present
Aguascalientes, Mexico State 1857-Present
Campeche, Mexico State 1902-Present
Chiapas, Mexico State 1824-Present
Chihuahua, Mexico State 1853-Present
Coahuila, Mexico State 1868-Present
Colima, Mexico State 1867-Present
Durango, Mexico State 1823-Present
Guanahuato, Mexico State 1824-Present
Guerrero, Mexico State 1849-Present
Hidalgo, Mexico State 1869-Present
Jalisco, Mexico State 1884-Present
Mexico, Mexico State 1869-Present
Michoacan, Mexico State 1849-Present
Morelos, Mexico State 1869-Present
Nayarit, Mexico State 1917-Present
New Leon, Mexico State 1868-Present
Oaxaca, Mexico State 1824-Present
Puebla, Mexico State 1853-Present
Queretaro, Mexico State 1823-Present
San Luis Potosi, Mexico State 1824-Present
Sinaloa, Mexico State 1830-Present
Sonora, Mexico State 1853-Present
Tabasco, Mexico State 1882-Present
Tamaulipas, Mexico State 1848-Present
Tlaxcala, Mexico State 1824-Present
Veracruz, Mexico State 1853-Present
Yucatan, Mexico State 1902-Present
Zacatecas, Mexico State 1835-Present
Lower California North, Mexico Territory 1887-1952
Lower California South, Mexico Territory 1887-1974
Quintana Roo, Mexico Territory 1902-1974
Federal District, Mexico 1847-Present

Colombia 1830-Present
Costa Rica 1838-Present
Cuba 1909-Present
Dominican Republic 1924-Present
El Salvador 1838-Present
Guatemala 1933-Present
Haiti 1934-Present
Honduras 1933-Present
Nicaragua 1933-Present
Panama 1903-1979
Venezuela 1907-Present

Guadeloupe, French Colony 1635-Present
Martinique, French Colony 1814-Present
St Lucia, French Colony 1814-1979

Newfoundland, British Colony 1713-1949
Labrador, British Part of Newfoundland 1912-1949
Anguilla, British Colony 1650-Present
Antigua, British Colony 1707-1981
Bahamas, British Colony 1783-1973
Barbados, British Colony 1707-1966
Barbuda, British Colony 1678-Present
Barbuda, English Colony 1678-Present
Belize, British Colony 1859-1981
Dominica, British Colony 1783-1978
Grenada, British Colony 1797-1974
Jamaica, British Colony 1655-1962
Montserrat, British Colony 1783-Present
Nevis, British Colony 1707-Present
Saint Vincent, British Colony 1796-1980
Tobago, British Colony 1763-1962
Tortola, British Colony 1666-Present
Trinidad, British Colony 1797-1962

Curacao, Dutch Colony 1634-Present

Greenland, Danish Colony 1721-Present

Siberia, Russian 1649-Present