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The Shenandoah, US Army Department Jul 9, 1861 - Jun 26, 1862

US Dept. of The Shenandoah created including Shenandoah valley in Virginia, Jul 19, 1861
Nathaniel P. Banks Commander, Jul 19, 1861 - Aug 17, 1861
Washington and Allegheny counties Maryland transferred from US Dept. of Pennsylvania to Dept. of The Shenandoah, Jul 25, 1861
US Dept. of The Potomac created Delaware and Maryland transferred from Dept. of Pennsylvania parts of Virginia included Dept. of Pennsylvania discontinued Depts. Of Washington Northeastern Virginia and Shenandoah discontinued absorbed by Dept. of the Poto, Aug 17, 1861

US Dept. of The Shenandoah recreated parts of Maryland and Virginia transferred from Dept. of the Potomac, Apr 4, 1862
Nathaniel P. Banks Commander, Apr 4, 1862 - Jun 26, 1862